Manufacturer Certifications

ESTECH works closely with some of the largest names in the security technology industry and both our company and our technicians hold a variety of manufacturer certifications.  In some cases, we work directly with manufacturer's engineers to improve equipment designs and enhance product launches.  We are proud to participate in the following manufacturer certification programs with our partners.

Honeywell Open Technology Alliance


Our Network of Preferred Providers and Distributors

ESTECH is grateful for our strong network of expert representatives and distributors that advise, support, source and provide almost any security system component needed by our clients.  These suppliers include but are not limited to:

certifications carried by our team

ESTECH places great emphasis on the training and continuing ongoing professional education of our staff.  In addition to our internal training requirements, ESTECH adheres with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services CEU requirements.  Because ESTECH's clients include federal agencies and projects, we observe stricter security protocols and reporting procedures than many of our competitors.