Nothing's more important than protecting your home and family and we offer the most advanced home security systems available anywhere at affordable prices.  Advancements in security technology now provide you the homeowner with a numerous options to keep your family safe.  We specialize in alarms and security cameras that will give you early alerts to possible trouble.  Motion detection systems and security lighting can notify you of unusual activity even on the furthest perimeter of your property.  And with our 24/7 active monitoring option, ESTECH has you covered whether you're at home or on the road.  

The actions that you take as a homeowner to make your home more secure have a dramatic impact on the likelihood of your home being targeted by an intruder. Burglars don't want obstacles and don't want to attract attention - and they don't need to when they can easily find an unsecured home nearby that makes their job much easier.  This fact is well understood by home insurers and It's no coincidence that insurance companies provide significant discounts to homeowners with security systems installed.

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Today's security technology literally makes securing your family as easy as pushing a button on your home control panel or remotely from your mobile device.  Furthermore, you can decide what security measures are best suited for your needs and lifestyle. Need to know that the kids got home from school safely and on time? No problem, you can get an alert on your mobile device or computer confirming their arrival home and even give you the option to see them and speak with them directly through your device.  We understand that people lead active lives and we can provide you with a security system customized to the specific needs of your family and lifestyle.